Dame Dash On Expanding His Brand, Dismissing Whack Energy + More

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  • This man has discovered everyone, is a jack of all trades master of none he should be a billionaire by now. He’s so perfect according to him yet he calls his son “your a girl your too sensitive quit disrespecting me, a daughter who wrote a disposition for her sister so she wouldn’t be subjected to this man, even losing a child he conquerors it all they go to Hawaii to show others how to deal wow what a man 🤮🤮🤮 he is smart educated but does he walk on water NO he doesn’t have empathy a true narcissistic Plus jay z does exist that’s why his name is still in your vocabulary. He compromised with Aaliyah did he defend her against R.Kelley

    yomoxyyomoxyDzień temu
  • To see him happy and smiling through it all should encourage anybody! He is a true light even if he is brutally honest. We need that so we can aspire to vibrate at higher levels. Salute to Rachel and him for being vulnerable and showing others how to deal with loss. All of this was positive as he had always been. #Respect!

    Babs BeeBabs BeeDzień temu
  • plproject.info/it/wideo/wL3UpKCVsLap3do Dame dash daughter caught on PLproject......check it out

    Tab BTab BDzień temu
  • MEN DON'T GO TO COURT! Lolllll I almost lost it

    Oscar FialloOscar Fiallo2 dni temu
  • Dame suing the Show his Ex-wife EVERYBODY. Dame seemed to be the trigger for his son. Like his son say - he is NEVER WRONG. If his son is under that kind of stress he needs to get off the Show. He’s been trying to get money from his ex-wife business for years. He tried to get his daughter to get his ex to get him a partial percentage of her business. DAME talk quick but if you watch the Show he BROKE. He is about to have a baby and NOW he needs $$$...His oldest daughter told the court (wrote a letter) that Dame shldnt be around his younger daughter. He doesn’t get along with his son or daughter. He can’t get along with his kids. WHO THE PROBLEM????

    K SK S2 dni temu
  • Lame dash

    3 dni temu
  • “I’m not cheating on my girl but if you can convince her we’ll do it together” 🤣🤣

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne3 dni temu
  • I said that before in his last interview if people just block out how things are sais and just take from what is said the world would be a better place. People are too sensitive these days

    M WISM WIS3 dni temu
  • Dame wiggin 😂

    Old MusicOld Music3 dni temu
  • Dame Dash can't pay his fucking child support and yall act like he's Moses.

    James StinnetteJames Stinnette4 dni temu
  • Dame says he frontman for rock group Breakfast club just straight ignores

  • Gang Leaders could be HUGE politically but they don't get it

    Tara PlockTara Plock4 dni temu
  • REAL

    513zd513zd5 dni temu
  • Dame dash is a money hungry butthead

    Khalilah JohnsonKhalilah Johnson6 dni temu
  • I hate damon dash and pray for his downfall

    Khalilah JohnsonKhalilah Johnson6 dni temu
  • *why this dude talk about how he owns everything, ain’t nothing he can’t do in the world etc etc etc* ......... And his net worth only 10 racks

    locofrazolocofrazo6 dni temu
  • He's Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. He creates drama to reinforce these imaginary battles that he doesn't realize only exists in his head. Come home, Dom

  • My nigga

    Jay MGTOWJay MGTOW7 dni temu
  • 🤔Might have the skills but ...there is a big line AHEAD of him in the best guitarist field 😂 try another field dude! EDDIE VAN HALEN is not dead yet IDIOT!!!

    the eye in the skythe eye in the sky7 dni temu
  • This man is wise

    Jackson NetshisauluJackson Netshisaulu7 dni temu
  • Love this. Damn Dame I never thought of or viewed him in the light or respect that I've started to now as more information and things are becoming available for me from various people that have airtime to speak and promote. I was a young kid pretty much through the Rocafella heights and being from the South...well that type of hip hop wasn't really a thing that many of us were that in tune with. Opening my worldview and doing research now as an adult about specific things pertaining to us and our culture inside entertainment and arts, I've realized that a lot of this fuckery was planned on super early. They were making bids on who would "look" victorious once my generation got in their late 20s/early 30s. All these things are related by some small degree of separation that eventually brings us to the same point: there is a real agenda to destroy, discredit and completely invalidate us as a people. It's progressing at a rapid rate now because of the explosion the Internet has caused and the fact that white kids (throughout the world) are heavily influenced in their own way by a majority of things that we have been able to accomplish at a high level with few resources and support. It's a weird wild feeling that kind of pisses you off initially but also such a wonderful time to be alive to see that the tide is turning. Becoming righteous to yourself and others really is not a hard task to accomplish. Love is all it takes. Damn near unconditional but absolute love will ultimately win out against these wicked forces. And don't pay attention to these trolls in these comments that attempt to spread dischord if you're talking about having pride as a community. A troll is nothing more than a demon's retard cousin that doesn't realize no one actually fears a mini-me.

    Urassnface 1Urassnface 17 dni temu
  • Dame has really changed. Good for you og

    Rob DaBenderRob DaBender7 dni temu
  • Biggest sucker who should be rich as j z

    Cody RobertsCody Roberts7 dni temu
  • his ego is, was, and always will be his downfall, at the end he's drowning in debt and most his businesses are failing but he will not go down easy

    Ki PutKi Put8 dni temu
    • Ki Put bro he has place in life

      signor popssignor pops7 dni temu
  • Dame thanks for choosing my track 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    BEAT MANBEAT MAN8 dni temu
  • Dame got issues.

    Jacques MesrineJacques Mesrine8 dni temu
  • Top Dog Dame in a category by himself 💯💯

    Aboriginal86 WARRIORAboriginal86 WARRIOR8 dni temu
  • dude can talk, it is good though

    Daniel MackDaniel Mack8 dni temu
  • Dame is a racist pos, everyone on this show is racist. How is this allowed on youtube???????

    II9 dni temu
  • Nobody: Charlamagne: “Therapy”

    Joe DirtJoe Dirt9 dni temu

    jay bucketsjay buckets10 dni temu
  • Dame is a GOAT

    LadeeCenLadeeCen10 dni temu
  • Dame's Harlem Arrogance has him in bad positions.

    P.H HusslerP.H Hussler10 dni temu
  • The comment about your daughter going to college for real estate, what about the programs that are out there teaching the business.

    Sarah ReidSarah Reid10 dni temu
    • Sarah Reid she wants real estate real estate. Business degree is how you get into $200000 student loan

      signor popssignor pops7 dni temu
  • Dame is on a crusade to help people. If you agree i have a bridge in Brooklyn im selling if you're interested

    Geoffrey KellyGeoffrey Kelly10 dni temu
  • Dame Dash lies and a lot of people believe him. No streetwise people on internet maybe

    Geoffrey KellyGeoffrey Kelly10 dni temu
  • Dame always leaves a quality interview at the breakfast club.

    Tropical99Tropical9911 dni temu
  • U gotta give it to this guy...he was clever n savy enough to bounce back from the rocka days. Most of those type dudes woulda faded away after that

    ArturArtur11 dni temu
  • When he bein humble he actually say some real shit we need the humble Dame more often

    Zhyias DadZhyias Dad11 dni temu
  • Same ol Dame

    Uno JonesUno Jones11 dni temu
  • Lmao this is stupid, this will sound smart to someone foolish lol

    Bolaji MoronfoluBolaji Moronfolu11 dni temu
    • Foolish is relative

      signor popssignor pops7 dni temu
  • Yo we need a "Get wack away from me " T shirt god damn it

    Cancel-That-BitchCancel-That-Bitch11 dni temu
  • Envy: There is no curriculum teaching investing in real estate Disclaimer: I like Envy, he is the most stand up guy out of all radio/rap guys and he is a good guy. But this statement is not correct and sounds ignorant. There ton of schools which have all kinds of business specialties/curriculum. If you find an university or college which offers such program for learning how to invest in real estate - run and never look back.

    Nikolay IvanovNikolay Ivanov11 dni temu
  • Dame Dash needs to release a principle book on music, business and life, he is a very intelligent guy

    The Art XperienceThe Art Xperience11 dni temu
  • plproject.info/it/wideo/upmpaYmptreczso

  • I love this guy...he is inspiration and what this world needs, he is what i inspire to be like

    axel booysenaxel booysen12 dni temu
  • Dame, just put up a fucking PLproject channel? You don't need a whole Netflix type app bro. Who wants a whole Netflix app of just Dame Dash content? That's a youtube channel at best bruh.

    zeitgeist909zeitgeist90912 dni temu
  • Something happened to Dame. His voice is not the same.

    Divine InterventionDivine Intervention12 dni temu
  • *bullshit* & you know why l know its Bs?? Its because he need a redio to tell us all that... *lions get the food in silence*

    onion peelingonion peeling12 dni temu
  • 8:04

    chazz splashchazz splash12 dni temu
  • Every time I listen to Dame I learn something I commented on this when it 1st dropped & I came back & learned more. This is what our culture needs to give us besides just the music & visuals we need to be thought the game inside out not just make money spend the money be broke cause we balled out grind again make it back then blow it again repeat the process over & over til we die. Leaving nothing for our progeny. Dame is giving us game

    adamrushd8096adamrushd809613 dni temu
  • The way he carries himself and all the people he's snapped on and the people he has rubbed the wrong way has came back full circle! It worked for him but it also hurt him. Facts!

    Migit 6'5 MigitMigit 6'5 Migit13 dni temu
  • I always learn alot from Dame.

    Muscular CloudsMuscular Clouds13 dni temu
  • He’s right and the Knowledge bullets has been and always will be the real power, not guns.

    Sekhem AsaruSekhem Asaru13 dni temu
  • Dame is a smart guy, but he lost me with that Russia crap. I can't honestly understand how people think that Russia is the reason why Trump is president. Hillary lost the electoral college because Trump beat her in 4-5 key states. Bar machine rigging and voter fraud, which didn't happen, it's impossible to illegally get someone elected. How can Dame be so sophisticated in some ways, business and mindset, yet be so naive when figuring out how a president got elected?

    Steeve CantaveSteeve Cantave13 dni temu
    • Steeve Cantave bro he knows that. He is just being smart so he can climb up ladders

      signor popssignor pops7 dni temu

    Tracey TatumTracey Tatum13 dni temu
  • Bum nigga

    Mandre SmithMandre Smith13 dni temu
  • Bro look like Dave East

    Johnny JosephJohnny Joseph13 dni temu
  • That brother intelligent

    Eli The GreatEli The Great13 dni temu
  • 7:09.... I let my daughters listen..I appreciate Dame Dash for years.👏🏾🏆

    T MT M14 dni temu