MY LAST HUGE HIDDEN FATES OPENING! Is My Pokemon Cards Binder Finally Complete?

Do I finally have a complete Pokemon card binder of Hidden Fates? This is my last HUGE Pokemon cards opening of Hidden Fates.
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  • *Have you complete the Pokemon Hidden Fates set? How many cards are you missing?*

    RealBreakingNateRealBreakingNate28 dni temu
    • I'm still on the run for shiny charizard I've opened so much hidden fates and still nothing! All I really need is the shiny charizard, the holo eevee, the the three birds full art, and a few regular rares and last a shiny Froakie. Love your vids, :)

      roboticpress101 9roboticpress101 98 godzin temu
    • 10

      Shug73 shugShug73 shug4 dni temu
    • Yes and you open 1432

      Beth BuffordBeth Bufford6 dni temu
    • You pulled s ok many if the shiny I need 😥🤣

      John RollbergJohn Rollberg9 dni temu
    • @RealBreakingNate is epic

      Laura RaganLaura Ragan13 dni temu
  • No

    Greyson HortonGreyson Horton12 godzin temu
  • I pulled snorlax V max

    Greyson HortonGreyson Horton12 godzin temu
  • I have 121pokemon cards 3 reverse hallo rares 2 hallo rare a lot of basic and a couple skate ones and a couple rare

    James CollinsJames CollinsDzień temu
  • You are extremely lucky.

    Danny FlemateDanny FlemateDzień temu
  • Im missing 4 cards

    Emilio LozaEmilio Loza2 dni temu
    • Which ones?

      RealBreakingNateRealBreakingNate2 dni temu
  • Stay positive never give up

    Gustavo EijiGustavo Eiji2 dni temu
  • This is how many psyducks he has 👇🏻

    Molly Wiseman (Student)Molly Wiseman (Student)2 dni temu
  • Hey Nate, can you give away the charizards from the tins! I would really like one!

    Yo boi AshYo boi Ash2 dni temu
  • To your ‘collect any way you like’ comment, I have some sealed items, some sets I’ve put together, some rare expensive cards, and some cards I collect just because of the artwork. Graded cards aren’t really my thing either. I like that they are protected and legitimized, but I don’t like looking at or sharing them nearly as much as loose cards.

    Jay MonetaJay Moneta3 dni temu
  • Whenever you find out that you can buy the cards online

    ShadowplayzShadowplayz3 dni temu
  • I am so sad in my first pack I got so bad luck

    Colten Mercer elbersColten Mercer elbers3 dni temu
  • Can I have 5 GX

    Eddie UzellEddie Uzell4 dni temu
  • Hahaha hahaha 😂

    Levi Pokemon5000Levi Pokemon50004 dni temu
  • Picture of shiny Charizard graded

    Mark HollinsMark Hollins5 dni temu
    • Get your shiny Charizard graded

      Mark HollinsMark Hollins5 dni temu
  • I am missing 0000000

    Frankie CastilloFrankie Castillo5 dni temu
  • Afternoon Nate, You rock. What can I say, what your doing is Unbilevablely Amazing day by day you shock me and blow my mind with what you find, get. I still need about 66 Cards to complete the set. I'm Soo behind on the times and now Sword&Shield.. Oh boy

    Ben F. ProductionsBen F. Productions5 dni temu
  • get a shiny charzzard

    Noah HardestyNoah Hardesty5 dni temu
  • no i have not

    Noah HardestyNoah Hardesty5 dni temu
  • I’m missing one card

    Jemma LyonJemma Lyon5 dni temu
  • have a nice dAy

    Matthew MorrisMatthew Morris5 dni temu
  • I thought he would have pinned the comment saying getting his charizards graded

    Supreme braydenSupreme brayden6 dni temu
  • You just see him in the background throwing his cards behind him like the movies lol

    Matthew MandatoMatthew Mandato6 dni temu
  • i am missing a lot

    J&G DaigleJ&G Daigle6 dni temu
  • I have over 700 Pokémon cards I have been collecting since I was 4

    Omar KhayatOmar Khayat7 dni temu
  • It has been completed

    Schuyler VioletSchuyler Violet7 dni temu
  • Can I have all the Charizard packs

    Van WrightVan Wright7 dni temu
  • Can you give me a 10 free legendary s to me

    Eltayeb KarrarEltayeb Karrar8 dni temu
  • Can you give me Pokemon cards? My house is 290. Hanson roll n

    Becca BarnesBecca Barnes8 dni temu
  • Some Pokémon cards are sooooo cool! I love the holographic ones!

    Sergio EspinozaSergio Espinoza8 dni temu
  • Where do you live

    Lili PerezLili Perez8 dni temu
  • Can I have a bird?

    Clash Player101Clash Player1019 dni temu
  • Why did u try the poke rap

    Heather BriscoHeather Brisco9 dni temu
  • No

    Ashli MillerAshli Miller9 dni temu
  • My favorite Pokemon is always going to be Gengar he was my first rare pokemon and I got him for christmas in a 2016 tin box

    Jackson BlackJackson Black10 dni temu
  • I have completed

    Myka Allene CatotoMyka Allene Catoto11 dni temu
  • The Tapus are gold cards

    Sherry RENSherry REN12 dni temu
  • i am so mad i opened a shiny raquaza gx box and inside were 7 hidden fates packs and i did not even get a single holigraphic card

    joey monteithjoey monteith12 dni temu
  • My classmate getting the rainbow rare charizard in a salamance tin from cvs. Me *not even*

    Azure & ZackAzure & Zack13 dni temu
  • I know how many hidden faiths packs u opened A lot

    Kenlee HugginsKenlee Huggins13 dni temu
  • Can you give me one of your shiny cards I am A big fan

    Scott pScott p13 dni temu
  • I love this guys videos, he made me start collecting pokemon cards again

    cigzfrom theblockcigzfrom theblock13 dni temu
  • Your not going to do it in today

    Gerald ShapiroGerald Shapiro14 dni temu
  • Do a give a way

    WWE KidWWE Kid14 dni temu
  • Can you give me all of your Pokémon

    jessie rizza lazarojessie rizza lazaro14 dni temu
  • pls cards gx

    Tamara KhmelnitskyTamara Khmelnitsky14 dni temu
  • Hey real breaking me because you have so many birds head trio can I have one

    Wil ZorziWil Zorzi14 dni temu
  • I love Pokémon cards

    Michelle WillisMichelle Willis15 dni temu
  • You are awesome

    Mike PMike P15 dni temu
  • Nate: I will be doing celebrities Q and A Me: you are a celebrity Nate be so does that mean you will be interviewing yourself

    time wars tcgtime wars tcg15 dni temu
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chio SaechinChio Saechin15 dni temu
  • Rainbow rare charsard

    4037moose4037moose16 dni temu
  • Hey dude what's your favorite hidden fates card? Also my favorite is the shiny charizard GX

    firespeed dragonsfirespeed dragons17 dni temu
  • No, I’m missing shiny greninja that’s it

    KidAwesome808 GamingKidAwesome808 Gaming17 dni temu
  • ι ℓιкє нσω уσυ gσ єи - єяgєн!

    JaylixGamezJaylixGamez17 dni temu
  • Yes

    Sarah ContrerasSarah Contreras18 dni temu
  • Do a bay blade Collection

    Lateishia BerryLateishia Berry19 dni temu
  • not to be rude but your poke rap is incrediblely bad

    Jack DouglasJack Douglas19 dni temu
  • I counted them all and u have opened 1263 packs 👌🏼

    Outrader ReixOutrader Reix19 dni temu
    • тнαт'ѕ α gυєѕѕ яιgнт?

      JaylixGamezJaylixGamez17 dni temu
  • Bro this guy is a god he deserves much more subs #natefam

    Tara KieleTara Kiele19 dni temu