Uncle Murda Talks Rap Up 2019, Lil Reese, New York Feuds + More

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  • rap up was fucking howlllls, funniest 10 mins

    x0opeth0xx0opeth0x3 dni temu
  • *plproject.info/it/wideo/16_OlqV5l619rsY*

    GGG TravelGGG Travel3 dni temu
    • Accedent

      GGG TravelGGG Travel3 dni temu
  • The way Angela looked at envy when it got silent 😂😂

    joshua Jeemiahjoshua Jeemiah5 dni temu
  • I NEED REESE ON A VERSE!! plproject.info/it/wideo/rci6bm6nuZag3Kw

    Team SplashTeam Splash13 dni temu
  • 69 👶 ‘s

    Mr GoldbarMr Goldbar14 dni temu
  • Y'all gotta do more interviews with Uncle Murda he funny as hell

    uptwereibee1uptwereibee114 dni temu
  • The way he ask that nigga to hold his coat tho ..

    Capitalhill 9000Capitalhill 900015 dni temu
  • I listen to Lil Reese not Uncle Murda

    YoungInsaneYoungInsane15 dni temu
  • And 50's How To Rob was along the same levels.

    Jason VaughnJason Vaughn16 dni temu
  • So y'all just forgot about Mad Skillz wrap up??

    Jason VaughnJason Vaughn16 dni temu
  • Great interview that was absolutely fire

    Earl DeanEarl Dean17 dni temu
  • Wearing a dead animal on ur body is disgusting. FUR IS FOR LOSERS!!!

    Nicholas HussNicholas Huss17 dni temu
  • Pop out boyz started that we outside shyt

    Tyrone Cooper89Tyrone Cooper8919 dni temu
  • Uncle murda is a real gangsterrr thats why 50 wants him on his side

    jackson trapperjackson trapper19 dni temu
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ThePoetloungeThePoetlounge20 dni temu
  • Lmaooooooooo

    ThePoetloungeThePoetlounge20 dni temu
  • These guys be lying on these records then some idiottry to immatate it. They ain't shootin at poe poe. When the catch a body it always a coward move on the next black man, someone that dont have a gun...

  • Ctg a dam fool 😂

    cortez thompsoncortez thompson21 dzień temu
  • “My guy reem” That’s me 🔥

    Reem BandoReem Bando21 dzień temu
    • Reem Bando 🤘🏽

      gbr_999gbr_99921 dzień temu
  • #thajuice #tharealroxkjohnson #109wasthabestblockstripset #asap @roxkvoice @brooklyn @tharealroxkjohnson @109wasthabestblockstripset @thajuice @asap

    Rock JohnsonRock Johnson21 dzień temu
  • @💯 #tharealroxkjohnson. @roxkvoice. #thajuice #darealroxkjohnson

    Rock JohnsonRock Johnson21 dzień temu
  • Bro you know Chicagorillas don’t beef on wax well ask New York about Bump J they got no problems driving to you on bull prolly wanna keep it new York where y’all safe playing them games wit yo life

    Terrell JohnsonTerrell Johnson22 dni temu
  • Why would he talk about 69..When his boss got all the O.G's vanished... definitely could have put in rappers looking for a come up in that song...

    N.Y Don PN.Y Don P23 dni temu
  • Interview Griselda

    Abdullah Fareed BilalAbdullah Fareed Bilal23 dni temu
  • Did y'all see charlamagne the god suspect homosexuality this is proof plproject.info/it/wideo/qrSninCir8qkwqg

    Donald GreenDonald Green23 dni temu
  • This man is way smarter than they give him credit for..Homeboy puttin out 🔥🔥 while he advertising..

    Carlo SantiCarlo Santi23 dni temu
  • Look at youtube lining up videos, I watch uncle murda 2019 rap up, and then scroll down and this lol

    Ant ManAnt Man23 dni temu
  • Angela Yee's eyes at 14:36 and whoever says "WHOA" at 14:38 has me rollin'!

    Chad SteinChad Stein23 dni temu
  • *lost mad respect for this dude... finna talk some wild ish about Reece then backpedal like a coward afterwards lol* #noprops

    locofrazolocofrazo23 dni temu
  • You shouldn't said before ya talk free rah diggs that's ya man's right smfh

    original G boyoriginal G boy24 dni temu
  • 14:33 you farted hoping nobody heard it. But now you can smell it.

    dough blooddough blood24 dni temu
  • Yeah we all know she wanted Gucci fruit 😂

  • These radio people are the best at never doing shit about the problems in the hoods culture vultures 💩😂😂

  • Y’all keep blaming that kid for snitching it’s these grown broke ass game members need help using niggas with money he was never a game member

    Anderson Enterprise ConstructionAnderson Enterprise Construction24 dni temu
  • Interview spider loc

    Emmanuel BaileyEmmanuel Bailey24 dni temu
  • I dug this interview wit uncle Murda he solid 💪🏾💯

    King DavidKing David25 dni temu
  • Murder sound dumb as f*** talking about people think it's cool to be od'ing or not handling their drugs I don't think anybody thinks it's cool to OD and you could have did a better PSA against drugs stupid

    Tones Tales True storiesTones Tales True stories25 dni temu
  • Charlemagne aint gonna be gay or disrespectful

    tomcarlotomcarlo25 dni temu
  • Uncle Murda a real one 💯

    Money MovementMoney Movement25 dni temu
  • UNCLE MURDA going to have OPRAH sit on his face while gayle king fart in his face

    donny hamiltondonny hamilton25 dni temu
  • Damn I be forgetting how fine Yee is

    424 92424 9225 dni temu
  • Rockin that ski mask

    Byron BonillaByron Bonilla26 dni temu
  • We miss you already black mamba #24/8

    John KhaosJohn Khaos26 dni temu
  • should have been longer... much longer

    Cookie LoveCookie Love26 dni temu
  • Woah!!!

    Paper ChaserPaper Chaser26 dni temu
  • This nigga dnt kno wat happen wen u need wit lil reese i aint kno who uncle murda was till my Brooklyn homie told me

    500 Beatz500 Beatz26 dni temu
  • I remember he tried to change his name to just "Uncle" for the kids but that shyt didn't fly

    Break HarpeBreak Harpe26 dni temu
  • not a single one of them denied not wanting to hear lil reese new shit lmao

    Andre TurnerAndre Turner26 dni temu
  • Uncle murda keep Reese name outta yo mouth

    Dee SauceDee Sauce26 dni temu
  • "WOAH" 🤣🤣

    Chaxgo 1Chaxgo 127 dni temu
  • Two ppl he won't talk about is Boosie & Gucci mane

    Chi-Raq overlordChi-Raq overlord27 dni temu
  • Rap Up Ain't Nothing But Yearly Dry Snitching And Hating Murda Trash

    LongBeach20LoCLongBeach20LoC27 dni temu
    • @tomcarlo said the fake niggaz and clowns

      LongBeach20LoCLongBeach20LoC25 dni temu
    • You cant handle the truth

      tomcarlotomcarlo25 dni temu
  • This dude is straight took tha oath to push violence in tha hood smh... terrible!!!

    Edge StarEdge Star27 dni temu
  • 14:32 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    BoldIncBoldInc27 dni temu
  • 5:50 anyone else catch that? Was Uncle hinting at Yee the issue between her and Charlamagne? Notice how he changes the subject Immediately about trick daddy

    ChronosJGChronosJG27 dni temu
  • Jacket Is fire

    Ms CabanMs Caban27 dni temu
  • But you scared to change your name cuz you think the white people ain't going to like you no more your f****** house n*****

    Keith bengerminKeith bengermin27 dni temu
  • Gentrification not a good thing

    Mac DouglMac Dougl28 dni temu
  • “We outside” That’s all Chicago

    The Red GoateeThe Red Goatee28 dni temu
    • neilg420 and Chicago is the 3th city, LA is the second

      Brandon LujosoBrandon Lujoso26 dni temu
    • The Red Goatee "we outside" is All New York, nobody was using that saying as lingo before New York started using it, Stfu weirdo looking pilgrim ass up

      Brandon LujosoBrandon Lujoso26 dni temu
    • Chicago called second city for a reason. Yall did it second. Reese really trash. Aint nobody really check-in for him. Aint nobody outside chi town even heard of him before murda mentioned him.

      neilg420neilg42027 dni temu
  • Angela is baaaaaaaacccccccckkkkk! Good to see:)

    BLACKangel23 2 uBLACKangel23 2 u28 dni temu