Wendy Williams Clears The Air On 'Fartgate' Incident

Kodak Black on correctional officers mistreating him (00:10)
Lil Wayne announces release date for 'Funeral' (01:39)
Boosie Badazz and NBA Youngboy joint album (02:10)
Wendy Williams on Fartgate (02:56)
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  • She farted in NYC and their was 3 earthquakes in Puerto Rico hmmmmmm 🤔 something screwy going on around here.

    Freddie DixonFreddie Dixon4 godzin temu
  • Windy Williams... "I farted...I ate a burrito from taco bell and I drank beers last night. I just ate sugar when I arrived in studio and the producer wants to see me so I have nervousness.

    Dead SeriousDead Serious11 godzin temu
  • “ u been in my ass?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    We Are Royals.We Are Royals.Dzień temu
  • God bless Kodak Black #FreeKodakBlack & I love Boosie Badazz!

    Sabrina AdamSabrina Adam2 dni temu
  • Haaaaaa A.Yee said ".....this whole farting situation." Hahahhahah

    GullyBopGullyBop4 dni temu
  • A lot of people in correctional facilities don’t even want correction. A lot of these idiots go in with trades but come out and do the same dumb shit that got them there in the first place or any other thing that could help them wind up back behind bars

    Epiphanny TaylorEpiphanny Taylor6 dni temu
  • Wendy farted!! She has also burped on the show too! She should have left fartgate alone!! 😤💩

    samin0712samin07127 dni temu
    • 😆

      Nellie K. AdabaNellie K. Adaba2 dni temu
  • it wan't a fart, she qweefed, but her maxi pad was askew, so it didn't muffle the noise of her mudflaps clappin together.

    WinstonS84WinstonS847 dni temu
  • Tired of famous people pretending thay they are the exceptions to basic bodily functions... Or if they poont, it is cuter. He takes his pants off to toot the pipes, oh gosh. All that means is he has gorrilla farts. And Wendy is a pro at breaking wind, its just that her uzz told on her this time.

  • Karma has caught up to Kodak Black so no remorse smh hopefully it's a lesson learned and he comes out more humble

    king ofheartsking ofhearts13 dni temu
    • If he comes out.

      Nellie K. AdabaNellie K. Adaba2 dni temu
  • She said she doesn't know where her son is ..that's why she is crying she hasn't had any contact with him in weeks damn near months

    Nova NovaNova Nova16 dni temu
  • "change my costume" lmao

    roflgoodgameroflgoodgame17 dni temu
  • Clears the air you say..? Or shits her pants?

    DeShaune BallardDeShaune Ballard18 dni temu
  • 🤔If she didnt fart how come we didnt her that sound the entire time she was speaking.

    Raziel SalvatoreRaziel Salvatore18 dni temu
  • All wendy has to do to prove she didn't fart is to play the original recording of the show but I definitely think she farted!

    💕Ella🐘Fint💕💕Ella🐘Fint💕19 dni temu
  • "men who fart around other men are flirting"

    reuben beatusreuben beatus19 dni temu
  • Ask him again.

    Ugly HannaUgly Hanna19 dni temu
  • That's the result of a lunch time executive meeting in the "BOOTH".

    Ugly HannaUgly Hanna19 dni temu
  • Bruh said he don't fart in his clothes.... Huh.... Bwoy suspect...

    Truesun TTruesun T19 dni temu
  • She FARTED!!!

    AL WHINAL WHIN19 dni temu
  • Dont fart in your clothes? Since us humans are typically clothed 24/7, and seeing how farting is a natural occurence that happens daily, I dont see how that's possible. You're basically insinuating that you only fart in the shower or maybe other seldom times your butthole isnt clothed and I dont believe that...

    Paul WatsoPaul Watso19 dni temu
  • *How you pooping?* 😂😂😂

    Jay BlastJay Blast20 dni temu

    Dollah BillDollah Bill20 dni temu
  • "Men who fart around other men are flirting" I'm dead🤣🤣🤣😆😆😁

    james hinsonjames hinson20 dni temu
  • Did she finally admit she on drugs ? HEY, CHARLIE LET ME GET A DROP

    Juggernaut 333Juggernaut 33320 dni temu
  • Wendy Williams = CANCELLED So disgusting and disrespectful to A) lift her leg up and fart to her whole audience and everyone at home and B) LIE about it. We all know you did it WINDY. I hope you get what you deserve.

    Paul GalvaniPaul Galvani20 dni temu
  • Charlamagne he loves to fart

    Kevin DivoKevin Divo20 dni temu
  • If y’all don’t talk about how week Funeral is..

    Reji JupiterReji Jupiter20 dni temu
  • Charlamagne, you’re the Donkey of Everyday for being so weird about not farting like a regular human being.

    Shane HarringtonShane Harrington20 dni temu
  • Charlamagne, you’re the Donkey of Everyday for being so weird about not farting like a regular human being.

    Shane HarringtonShane Harrington20 dni temu

    Robert JrRobert Jr21 dzień temu
  • Tbh I'm always laughing when Charla pulls out a gay line talking to Envy 😂

    Matthew-Luke AdonisMatthew-Luke Adonis21 dzień temu
  • Totally stupid. Charlemagne that is....

    Pat FPat F21 dzień temu
  • 🤷🏽🤷🏽🤦🏽

    Pat FPat F21 dzień temu
  • Oh, she cleared some air all right.

    Dionne deVilleDionne deVille21 dzień temu
  • It’s VERY apparent she farted and leant back and waited until the farted released and sat back. She’s beyond embarrassed and lied about it which is MORE EMBARRASSING than just admitting it

    SS21 dzień temu
  • Dj envy and Charlagmne b havin sum weird conversations..... akwways talking bout butts n ish.... I wonder WTF they wives be saying 😒🤣

    Sade LandSade Land21 dzień temu
  • Kodak Black is the African Krusty the Clown

    sharedremedysharedremedy21 dzień temu
  • aint nobody care about Kodak, we just wanna hear what Sheman got to say

    Zeigest666Zeigest66621 dzień temu
  • You don’t need to correct people. You need to do away with mandatory minimums but Kodak is a different case. He had home invasions and robberies and he kept Himself in the street life after being a star. The does need to be re-entry programs that give people trades no doubt. But correct people??? Anyway I digress. Charlemagne is 🌈acist.

    Casey BCasey B22 dni temu
  • Kodak was doing and saying everything to get locked up now you there and he now he bitching at a rapid rate (BAR) nigga STFU us free niggas ain't trying to hear that shit!

    n0picksn0picks22 dni temu
  • He's lying he have farted in his clothes everyone done it so stop lying to everyone we don't believe that

    Carlos ReynoldsCarlos Reynolds22 dni temu
  • Lil Wayne that Flavor Flav son

    Carlos ReynoldsCarlos Reynolds22 dni temu
  • Why do they keep denying that mother fucker a proper haircut? 💩

    Kelly AustinKelly Austin22 dni temu
  • “You ever been in my ass?” No but your wife is boi😲😬

    KfreshTVKfreshTV22 dni temu
  • If your going to cap, do it the right way Wendy💀🤦🏾‍♂️

    KfreshTVKfreshTV22 dni temu
  • His stankin ass shitted his corroded drawls

    Xiang ChangXiang Chang22 dni temu
  • Hahahahaha a viral fart 🤣

    Dead CentreDead Centre22 dni temu
  • Wendy doin too much explaining....she fuc'n farted 🤣🤣🤣🤣everybody does it, its just nasty to me when the person dont excuse them selves 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Carla HayesCarla Hayes22 dni temu
  • “Correctional Officer” no such thing

    bullitt3839bullitt383922 dni temu
  • I tried to listen to Funeral with an open mind and heart but I'm struggling... maybe it will grow on me 🤦‍♂️

    Taf BlueStacksTaf BlueStacks22 dni temu
  • The Hip-hop police only monitors, investigates, and arrests blk/brn rappers.

    Craig D JonesCraig D Jones22 dni temu
  • Those that really believe that lameass lie Wendy told about her farts. I have a nice bridge that I want to sell you. She even paused for the cause during her fart.

    Craig D JonesCraig D Jones22 dni temu
  • People fart, who cares!? Why are people making videos about this? Lol

    Blackdoll n pinkBlackdoll n pink22 dni temu
  • Clearly Charlemagne wears a butt Plug

    Ra OsirisRa Osiris22 dni temu
  • Wendy Williams looks like a monster. She's probably farting from all that baby laxative in all the cocaine she snorts

    Orenthal SimpsonOrenthal Simpson22 dni temu
  • I wish char the "god" ... not.... would come out already and stop lying to himself

    Christopher VegaChristopher Vega22 dni temu
  • Charlemagne "You ever been in my ass?"...... Took too long to respond

    Adam GAdam G22 dni temu
  • Kodak is a bum

    Hegelian DialecticHegelian Dialectic22 dni temu
  • Charlemagne is the smartest retard " I dont fart in my clothes"

    D.G PND.G PN22 dni temu